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Raised on a small farm in Manitoba, Meriel discovered clay in 2018 and has since dedicated herself entirely to this new passion. She has completed a variety of ceramic classes at The Visual Arts Centre in Westmount, but the majority of her knowledge stems from hands-on experience. She earns a living working in local studios teaching ceramics, alongside studio technician, commission assistant and studio managerial roles.

(Crédit Photo : Gwendal Lemarchand)

Currently a Montreal-based ceramicist, she creates vintage-inspired tableware and one-off decorative pieces. Nearly all her work takes shape on the potter’s wheel and is finalized with hand-built details before fired to completion at Cone 6. While her choice of forms and function are greatly inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century modern design, their decoration stems from her own nostalgia. Each colour, carved line or motif is a nod to the lives and stories of those dearest to her. The intention is to create memorable vessels that serve as reminders of cherished times, places and people. 

(Crédit Photo : Rémi Hermoso)